Conference Theme 2019 West Coast


March 23rd to 24th, San Francisco: The theme of first West Coast Left Forum 2019 will be:

What is to be Undone?
Conflict, Class, Capital and Climate Change in the 21st Century


The crisis of capitalism is becoming increasingly clearer to millions. Capitalism has continued its ravages on the economic and social level. Collectively we are confronted with massive climate change and environmental destruction, massive forced migrations and regional wars that threaten to escalate into nuclear war. How can we meet these attacks collectively, rather than suffer them as individuals?

If ever there was a time for an organized left, it's now.   The goal of this first West Coast Left Forum is to make a modest contribution to the enduring question: what is to be done?  

This gathering will be organized around four basic (although not exhaustive) themes:

Conference themes:

The left has a uniquely robust power source gathering at the intersection of issues, identities, ideologies, and constituencies. There are so many examples of this model of convergence and creative action today. This is the model on which we come together to formulate new strategies for a new world. Left Forum 2018 will:

  • First, if the working class is the social force that can change the world, what and who is the working class today? And what is the relationship of the left to the working class?
  • Second, climate change presents challenges and threats on a new scale never confronted before. With the very survival of most current life forms on the planet at stake, how do we make this central to both our theory and practice?
  • Third, in confronting these questions we are forced to ask - do the changes capitalism has wrought, and the new challenges thrown up by climate change demand new revolutionary theory entirely? Do Marxist and/or anarchist analyses still provide us with the tools with which to understand the world and provide perspectives to change it? 
  • Finally, given these questions, what is the state of the left and how, despite the varying political differences and assessments we have, can we find the ways to work together to bring about the deep social and economic changes we need to create a radically better world?

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