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This event will feature the Acting Ambassador of Cuba to the United Nations, Ana Silvia Rodriguez. She will give a short presentation, along with the other panelists, but the large part by far of the event will be direct interaction with the meeting attendees and participants on any and every question on people's minds: the impact of Donald Trump's anti-Cuba moves on Cuba's economy and US-Cuban relations; the new Cuban Constitution; democratic and human rights and the US embargo and blockade; LGBT rights; the African-Cuban history and experience; Cuba and Latin America; and so on. Panelists will include recent US travelers to Cuba and Venezuela.

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What do food justice and food sovereignty have to do with broader struggles for racial justice, internationalism, and anti-imperialism? This panel explores domestic and international food sovereignty and food justice organizing in the context of domestic food injustice and food apartheid and international value-flows, attacks on Global South agricultural systems, and what place food and agriculture have in a just world.