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Session 6: Sunday June 30th, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
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With the end of the Trump regime in sight, it is time to bring ideas into the Democratic primary for a sharp left turn in US foreign policy. Under Trump, support has been extended to fascists, dictators and oppressors, and this obviously must end. While undermining human rights at home, China has been able to pose as friends of the environment despite building more and more coal-fired electric plants. The Belt and Road program has resulted in crushing debt burdens and eroding sovereignty for developing countries in South Asia and the Indian Ocean areas. The next US administration must therefore be pressed to adopt a policy of debt relief and debt moratorium for less wealthy countries -- a policy that will in effect be paid for by Wall Street, China, and other big money powers. Needy people cannot be free, so comprehensive economic development is necessary. Marshall Plans are part of the answer. The Belt and Road is all high-interest loans, but the original Marshall Plan was 85% grants and gifts, and only 15% loans. A good place to start is by implementing the $30 billion Marshall Plan for central America proposed by Mexican President Lopez Obrador. Zero percent financing for such Marshall Plans should come from a special Federal Reserve window, not from tax increases or new borrowing.