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Session 3: Saturday June 29th, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
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Rose M. Brewer, co-author with Meizhu Lui, et. al., The Color of Wealth, New York. The New Press. 2006; . Brown, Heather. Marxism, Gender, and the Family, Haymarket Books, Langman, Lauren. God, Guns, Gold and Glory, Salerno, Roger, Sociology Noir
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While the feminist movement began in 1848, never before in American history, have women splayed such a critical role in the political, especially the large numbers of young women, that now embrace socialism. This is been especially evident in the midterm elections and we would go so far as to say the extent to which women, especially younger women mobilize politically will be the deciding factor in the Democratic nominee and perhaps the election. As Marxists, how do we understand the role of women thaat was frist examing by Marx and Engels and how feminisim has changed over tiime to where it has become a significant factor impelling the progress toward a postcapitalist society. This panel will explore Marxist, and neo-Marxist perspectives on feminism from a variety of perspectives, such as political economy, intersectionality and female subjectivity


Roger Salerno is a professor of sociology, Pace University, New York. His work covers broad ranges of social theory, especially urban sociology and the relationship of social structure, understood through a Marxist perspective, and subjectivity, from a psychodynamic perspective, rooted in the...

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Rose M. Brewer is a scholar activist and public intellectual. She is a sociologist and the Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of African American & African Studies, and a graduate faculty member in American Studies and Gender Women and Feminist Studies at the University of...

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Prof. Langman is a cofounder of the Global studies Association North America has a long history of research and publications on global justice movements