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Session 2: Saturday June 29th, 12:30pm - 2:30pm
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We will feature 4 speakers from the continent who will discuss their environmental, social and political activities for change in their home countries. Africa is in ferment with popular rebellions against "presidents for life" and military rule, the despoiling of the environment and debt peonage. These struggles will be explored in great detail by our panelists.


Kassahun Checole, president and publisher of Africa World Press and The Red Sea Press, formerly taught at Rutgers University and El Colegio de Mexico. Checole is the recipient of many academic honors and equally numerous recognitions for his activist work. In January 2000 he served as one of the...

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Global Information Network is a nonprofit media organization formed in 1986 to carry news from the developing world for community and alternative media in the U.S. We also organized panels on Africa topics with speakers from the continent.