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Session 1: Saturday June 29th, 10:00am - 12:00pm
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We are still in time to solve climate change and seize the revolutionary potential of the political opportunity offered by this moment: uniting everyone to change everything. To win the climate battle and arrive at effective strategies and tactics, and to create new forms of struggle just right for these times, we left activists must become aware of and take stands against overwhelming feelings. In this workshop we will consider and practice simple and powerful listening based tools to help us face: Primal terror in the face of species extinction. What are our greatest fears, our worst case climate scenarios? Intellectual overwhelm in the face of information overload. How do we learn climate facts? Fears around giving up the imperial life perks we enjoy in the US as we reduce our footprints. What wouldn't we want to give up? We/they divisive, sectarianism feelings that impede building the necessary coalitions and united fronts. Who wouldn't we unite with? Fear of repression. What are our worst case scenarios of government and citizen reprisals? These feelings are unavoidable, often operate below our awareness, and limit our ability to think and act. Expressing and releasing them in community frees intelligence. Join us to explore emotional-work tools for activists presented by Sustaining All Life (SAL).


Karim Lopez is a youth worker and an activist film maker with Truth to Power Films. He is a member of Sustaining All Life.

Stephanie Low is an educator, facilitator, and diversity/inclusion leader of programs on having difficult conversations on white supremacy, and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, as part of her work with the Westchester Social Forum and the National Coalition Building Institute, an international...

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As a a trainer and capacity builder, and arts & cultural worker Cecilia Lim is part of grassroots social change efforts including Ugnayan Youth for Justice and Social Change, Justice Committee, Hate Free Zone Queens, and Sustaining All Life.

Maritza Arrastia is a writer, activist, and popular educator. She is a member of Sustaining All Life and is committed to supporting unity and effective action in the Climate Justice movement in many ways, including sharing effective tools for listening when we disagree that she has learned over...

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