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Session 4: Saturday, June 2nd: 4:00 - 5:50pm
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In Burma/Myanmar, the mass displacement of the Rohingya minority in late 2017 along with the atrocities, mass graves, and mass rapes followed a protracted period of marginalization of this Muslim minority.

In the face of government intransigence and denial, diplomatic logjams and double standards regarding international human rights norms, how can activists build alliances that challenge the rise of authoritarianism both in Southeast Asia, and in the USA?

How can such movements scale up a response to the rise of Islamophobia around the globe?

The promotion of Islamophobia in Myanmar, using facebook as an effective tool for propaganda and mobilization, has served the Burmese military's preferred "Divide and Conquer" approach to ethnic diversity in Myanmar.

China and other international investors are now constructing massive oil and gas pipelines through the smoking ruins of the Rohingya homeland. Therefore the destabilizing effects of globalization, with its drive to exploit raw materials and new markets, mirror the destructive effects of the British Empire that imposed borders on Burma that have divided communities and help create communities and classes in conflict.

The Rohingya crisis affects the entire Southeast Asian region. To scale up both crisis response and our collective ability to promote long term solutions to statelessness and disenfranchisement, roundtable facilitators will engage attendees in strategic planning, including conversation of tools and technologies, stakeholders and models of mobilization. For the over one million displaced Rohingya, how will it be possible to empower the impacted community, and to build support within the Burmese diaspora itself?

Participants will include Rohingya, Bangladeshis, Muslims and Buddhists.


Senior Director of Education and Community Affairs, Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County, Long Island, New York.

Adem Carroll is New York and United Nations Program Director for Burma Task Force, an NGO accredited with the UN Department of Public Information. There he seeks to promote both awareness and action on mass displacement, refugee rights, trafficking, xenophobia and genocide prevention as well as...

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Student at Brown U and Asian American Activist, specifically Burmese American interested in diaspora narratives and critical refugee studies . From her page: My interests include the intersection between postcolonial and Asian American studies. Specifically, I am interested in Southeast Asian...

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Khadija Mehter is an activist and organizer who grew up in Syracuse, New York, to parents who immigrated from Yangon, Burma, in the 70s. She has worked on issues of social justice for well over a decade, focusing on Palestine liberation, police brutality and Black liberation, and has traveled to...

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Helping to move Law on the Margins as project, she also serves as Director of Organizing...

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Sahar Alsahlani is a member of the Executive Council of Religions for Peace USA as a representative of the Al Khoei Foundation. She currently lives and works at Stony Point Retreat Center with the Community of Living Traditions. She used to work in Television!