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Session 6: Sunday June 30th, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
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Throughout recorded history, sex workers have not only existed, but have fought for their rights - the right to pursue their livelihood without harassment, the right not to be stigmatized, and the right to be taken seriously as agents of progressive change. From the Paris Commune of 1871 - when anarchist Louise Michel organized armed brigades of sex workers to fight alongside their fellow Communards against the invading Prussian army - until today, organized sex workers have not avoided militancy. Speakers will address the ripe opportunites that have emerged recently to enact decriminalization and organization of sex work both in New York and elsewhere.


Currently with Social Democrats USA, Sheldon Ranz is a software consultant, free-lance writer and activist with Decrim - NY. His writings for Jewish Currents and New Politics and his 1980s / 1990s WBAI radio programs have explored themes ranging from innovative solutions for a just and lasting...

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