Belinda Parker Brown was born on October 5th, 1959 in New Orleans Louisiana. She and her family later relocated to Michigan, where she lived for 30 years. She has been a longtime activist, advocate for people’s rights as a community organizer. One could say that Belinda has been in the “people business” for most of her life. As a child she organized her peers to help feed Senior Citizens in her neighborhood. As president of the PTA at her children’s school she organized a community gospel choir with parents and students that help successfully unite a divided community. In March 1990, Belinda was awarded the Certificate of Completion from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut for the Conflict Resolution Intervention and Training Program. Three of her basic beliefs are: 1. Respect for every individual
2. Strive for excellence spiritually and educationally 3. Live for the Lord Jesus Christ and serve your community Belinda is an educator, researcher, life specialist, community organizer, and motivational speaker who has spent the majority of her career enhancing the potential of others. Diverse audiences have benefited greatly and responded enthusiastically to Mrs. Parker Brown wealth of experiences. Mrs. Parker Brown and her husband Carl, have seven children and has been married for 39 years. Belinda, is President/Chief Executive Officer of Louisiana United Inc. (LUI), a bipartisan social justice organization mission is to champion the protection of human rights, including the civil, constitutional and societal rights that are all too commonly trampled in today’s world. LUI speaks for the person or group that cannot speak for themselves and has a proven track record all across the State of Louisiana. Mrs. Parker Brown co-hosted a talk show called A Force for Justice and is a nationally recognized advocate for helping people in the need to have their voices heard. She strives to be that voice, that beacon, that will give hope to all people.