BRIAN MIER is a native Chicagoan and veteran of the US zine movement of the 1990s, who has been living in Brazil for 25 years. After a 10 year career in development work for organizations such as ActionAid, during which time he worked with social movements including the MST, CMP, MNLM and MTST. He is a co-editor of the English language website, Brasil Wire, Brazil correspondent for the TV News Program From the South (TeleSur English) and contributor to the Real News Network. A frequent contributor to the Brazilian leftist media organization Brasil 247, which has over 1 million social media followers. He is the editor of two books, "Voices of the Brazilian Left", and "Year of Lead: Washington, Wall Street and the New Imperialism in Brazil", and was recently hired as director of Brasil 247- international unit. He is representing Brasil 247 in this conference.