Emmanuel Pardilla is a volunteer tenant organizer, leader of the grassroots South Bronx Tenants Movement, and a long time communist organizer in the NYC area. He has also organized in different areas of struggle such as the free CUNY movement, on police brutality issues, against anti-xenophobia and for racial justice in the Dominican Republic, as well as the sex and gender equity fight at Fordham University, and the anti-war movement. Emmanuel has been involved in the housing movement through developing tenant leadership and building a robust tenant base to wage campaigns against the De Blasio appointed Rent Guidelines Board, the Jerome Avenue Rezoning, and Ved Parkash - the Public Advocate’s #1 Worst Landlord in NYC and the Right To Counsel’s Worst Evictor. This work led him to build the South Bronx Tenants Movement which is a vehicle to build a mass base organization committed to tenant organizing outside of the formal non-profit world, propelled by a radical cadre of tenant leaders establishing political and economic power in the South Bronx and beyond. Emmanuel is also currently a grad student at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies in the Labor Studies program.