F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D. is a Neuroscientist who registered as Conscientious Objector in 1949; later, after his CO status was cancelled he became a Draft Refuser, risking jail. Not an "activist" but having experienced Jim Crow first hand, worked at jobs ranging from pick & shovel, carpentry, business machine night-shift operator, Team Leader in mental health unit of NYC's prison island (Rikers) before he became college instructor and member of medical staff a physical rehab hospital, he has always stood up against opression of vulnerable groups. He first heard WBAI in the early 60s but became interested in "behind the scenes" only when a lawsuit changed Pacifica's governance. Eventually he served as member of WBAI's Local Station Board and director on the Pacifica National Board but was never allowed to participate in a PNB meeting.