J​im​ ​Vrettos ​is a sociologist at the City University of New York -- John Jay​ ​​College of Criminal Justice. He is the co-author of the critically acclaimed The​ ​Elementary Forms of Statistical Reason (St. Martins Press 1996) and has written​ ​numerous articles on social movements, deviance and criminal justice for Tikkun​ ​Magazine. He was the facilitator for the Tikkun group of Spiritual Progressives in​ ​New York City for 10 years and taught sociology and criminal justice at Yeshiva​ ​University where he developed their criminal justice courses and supervised their​ ​criminal justice internship program. He is presently the creator and host for the​ ​weekly cable television show The Radical Imagination on Manhattan Neighborhood​ ​Network and active with Rev. William Barber and the New Poor People's Campaign.​ ​In 2011-2012 he along with other spiritual and political progressives including the​ ​activist Cornel West was involved in the first demonstration and trial in New York​ ​City protesting Stop and Frisk policies by the New York Police Department.