Linda Morales Caballero is a Peruvian-American writer, Cum Laude graduate of Hunter College, with a degree in Hispanic Literature, Media Communications and Master's Degree in Hispanic Literature.
As an educator she has worked for CUNY, the New York Department of Education and the United Nations. She has co presented and co produced radio programs in New York and has been a panelist in multiple conferences in New York.
Poetry: From the Threshold, Circumference of the word, Sights of New York, Living Poems, Enchantment, Collage. A new poetry book is in final editing process with New York Poetry Press. Fiction: The Book of Enigmas has given rise to monologues, plays and a short film. Her literary work appears in Anthologies in various languages.
Ms. Morales has been invited to Book Fairs and Festivals in Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico and the USA.