MYRIAM MARQUES is a Brazilian activist living abroad since 2000. Works as a public health nurse specializing in women, LGBTQ and community health in New York.
She became involved in political activism in Brazil to end the dictatorship in Brazil in the 1980s and soon embraced the feminist movement, perceiving the gender disparities as a barrier for real equality and democracy. Myriam had worked as an officer for the Workers Party governments in Brazil, lead president Lula’s campaign in the USA in 2002 and the subsequent victories of PT, including the Pres. Dilma Rousseff’s ones in the Brazilian expat community. Myriam also lived and worked in Senegal and Belgium between 2005 and 2012, where she worked with refugees, Roma, Immigrants, Brazilian expat community and women at the community level and for the UN High Commission for Human Rights for Europe. She's a co-founder of Defend Democracy in Brazil Committee.