Pierre LeRoy is a Haitian patriot, revolutionary and humanitarian. He was forced into exile in 1961 and until the downfall of the Duvalier regime remained on its death list. Here in the US, Pierre was a teacher of French, Spanish and ESL. Along with his wife, Teresa (Terry), he is a co founder in 1990 of the Haitian People’s Support Project. The Haitian People's Support Project provides food, clothes, medicine and other assistance to Haitian People in Haiti and at the Dominican Border. The group under the leadership of the Leroy's built and provided oversight programs for scores of orphaned children. Following Hurricanes of 2009 and earthquake of 2010, the Leroy's begun tree planting projects; planting trees to refurbish and reclaim the land swept away by floods and earthquake (Four back to back hurricanes struck Haiti between August 29 and September 1, 2009).